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MR Data Corporation

Reliable, Timely, Experienced Data Processing for Market Research Professionals

Market Research Data Processing

By An Independent Service Bureau

Providing crosstabulations and data manipulation, hand coding of written responses, data entry of paper forms, file format conversions.

MR Data Corporation

Since 1990, MR Data Corporation has provided quick, accurate, reliable and affordable data processing on over 9,000 projects. Our clients are market research companies, business consultants, government agencies, corporations and advertising agencies. We've worked on just about every type of survey study - customer, personnel, member/shareholder, visitor, ad test/awareness, satisfaction tracking, new product, public opinion poll, and more. We take pride in learning the specific format preferences of our client analysts, and in fostering excellent long term working relationships that span decades.

MR Data Corporation is an independent data processing service bureau. We believe in acting as an invisible part of your company's analyst team. Your data is confidential and belongs to you, which is why we do not post lists of our clients. Your data is maintained and available for additional processing requests, but is only ever released to you.

Brett Malin, founder and President of MR Data Corporation, has spent his entire career focused on the data processing of surveys. Let him assist you with your latest project, with his years of experience he can help make the processing of even your "problem" study go smoothly.


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